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a pair of custom made shoes striped ostrich derby


leaf-pic'shoe miles' only begin when you start wearing your shoes, as they've not travelled a quarter or more of the planet to get to you

leaf-picthey're longer lasting (with adequate care) and individual components such as soles can be replaced if necessary - reducing waste in our landfills.

leaf-picmade almost entirely from renewable resources and locally sourced where possible.

gothika at poolCREDIT CARD facilities available.credit cards accepted also through PAY PAL

ORDERS USUALLY TAKE AROUND 8 to 10 weeks from confirmation by means of deposit.
'Standard' sizes and some wider fittings can be catered for by mail. 'Difficult' to fit and special sizes are usually arranged by consultation in person followed by a couple of fittings. To get in touch please see my contact page.

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SueShoe-pic If you would like to keep in contact, please send me your name and email address to:
and I will add you to my mailing list

Shoemaking Courses

Over the last 10 years I have offered tuition from my tiny, but fully eqipped studio. Twice a year, I lay down my lasting pincers and bespoke apron and put on my teachers hat, with 1,3 or 5 day intensive introductory shoe design & making courses. If you are interested in doing any of these, send me your contact details and I will forward a course outline to you. Finalising bookings now for summer 2017, spaces are limited.

shoemaking workshops

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Hi & welcome !

Here is a showcase of a range of BESPOKE FOOTWEAR created in my studio located on Waiheke Island, Auckland.

My set up is small and each pair of shoes is individually handmade to order. I use traditional methods of shoe-making, from an age when craftmanship was valued. This process imbues my work with individuality, enduring style and comfort.

measuring last'The last will be first' - something I learned during my time spent with last makers at John Lobb Bootmakers of London.

A 'last' is the form that a shoe is made on. My last collections define the shape and fit of my shoes and their style. A last that suits your foot shape will lend to shoe styles that look best and feel delightful.

The selected last is adjusted to fit the contours of your foot, the boot or shoe is then designed, cut and made into the best suited pair for you ...

'bespoke' is all about individuality and that is what I like about what I do.

Influenced by my love for historical reference in design, I include brass buttons, silver or chromed buckles, brogue detail, boot hooks and leather stacked heels as part of my hallmark style.

workshop 3

Skill and care is taken to cut and sew together soft, calf leather uppers and full, breathable leather linings.

Rich blends of colour, enhanced with contrasting detail with inlays or bindings and perforations. close up detail


Molded to each individual last shape.


Built with quality leather soles and stacked heels.